North Bay Wildfires

This page is intended to keep Contra Costa County residents informed about the impact of the Napa and Sonoma fires on our county. This page doesn’t contain information on evacuation orders, shelters and other information for those directly impacted by the fires in Sonoma, Napa and Solano counties.

Please consider this advisory information only. To receive Emergency Alerts on your cell phone regarding imminent threats to life or health in Contra Costa County please visit the Registration Page on this website.

Health Concerns in Contra Costa County

Bay Area Air Quality Management District Health Advisory

Contra Costa County Health Services Health Advisory

Information on how you can help those impacted by the fires

Red Cross Wildfires Response Information

General Information

Bay Area Air Quality Management District  

California Statewide Fire Map

California Current Fire Information

County of Sonoma Fire and Emergency Services Updates

Contra Costa County Northern California Fire Update