The Community Warning System (CWS) issues alerts when available about situations in Contra Costa County that pose an imminent threat to life or health. The CWS is operated by the Office of the Sheriff in partnership with the county’s Department of Health Services and industry partners.

There is no charge from the County for these alerts. However, your service provider may charge you in accordance with your individual plan.

Contra Costa County makes no representations about the accuracy or the reliability of this cellular alerting service. This cellular alerting service is provided to you as a courtesy and is supplementary to any other warning systems and protocols for your area. This is a voluntary service and may be discontinued by the County at any time without notice. You should not rely on this cellular alerting service for public safety information.

By registering for this service, you acknowledge that this service is provided without representations concerning its accuracy or its reliability, that you will not be relying upon it for public safety information, and that it may provide false alerts and fail to provide alerts in an actual emergency. Understanding that the service is experimental and evolving, you knowingly waive the right to make any claim against the County arising out of or related to the system and release the County from any claim, demand, obligation, cost, damage, or liability regarding the procedure.

Contra Costa County will regard the information you provide as private and personal and will not lease or sell your information at any time. Nor will Contra Costa County release your personal information to any other party for any purpose except in connection with the enhancement of the cellular alerting service or as required by law. While Contra Costa County cannot guarantee the confidentiality of the registered information, this information will only include cell phone numbers and zip codes. Your name, address, or other identifying information will not appear in our database.

If you have problems or questions about this service, you can contact the Community Warning System by email at cws-staff@so.cccounty.us or by phone at (925) 655-0111.