Phone Support and Notification Questions

Phone Call: The CWS caller ID will display as “925-655-0195”. Text Messages: CWS Text messages will come from a 5-digit short code that may be different each time. Example: 284-62
When you receive an alert via phone call from CWS, the caller ID will display as “925-655-0195”. When you receive this important call, don’t hang up! Listen to the message, follow the instructions, and then save the number as a new contact on your mobile device. We suggest you label it as "Community Warning System" so you know it's an important call. If you need help setting this up, please call us or reach out to us throughout Feedback page. We will be happy to help you get set up.
If the address you registered for the CWS was not impacted by a specific incident, you will not receive an alert.
Generally, test alerts are rarely sent to the public. Test alerts are regularly posted to the CWS public website, and the message will read: “This is a test of the Community Warning System. In the event of an actual emergency, check this website, TV, or radio for more information. Please stay off the phone and do not call 9 1 1 unless you have an emergency to report at your location.”
You don't have to register your landline number. We already have all the landline numbers in our system. A VoIP or internet phone connects to your internet router; therefore, it is not a landline number. If you have a VoIP phone number, you will need to register that number to receive emergency alerts.
Step 1: Go to Contacts -> Select Contact (Community Warning System) Step 2: Got to Edit -> Ringtone -> Select Emergency Bypass toggle button -> Done
Step 1: Go to Contacts -> Select Contact (Community Warning System) -> Add to Favorites Step 2: Go to Settings -> Notification –> Do Not Disturb -> Allow Exceptions -> Calls From -> Favorite Contacts Only
The CWS is generally used for initial emergency notifications to the public. This message will include the geographic location of the hazard and area affected, the protective action being requested, and the contact information for the authorizing agency. For ongoing general information on an incident, you may find information via social media, by watching your local news, or through news websites.
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