The Contra Costa County Community Warning System (CWS) has changed the Caller ID used to issue alerts. Old Caller ID: 000-000-0000 NEW CALLER ID: 925-655-0195 To make sure you answer the phone for a CWS alert: 1. Add this number as a new contact in your mobile device and label it “Community Warning System” 2. Assign or add this new contact to your FAVORITES or EMERGENCY BYPASS. See instructions below. Taking these steps should stop calls from being identified as Spam or silenced by the Do Not Disturb feature on your phone.
No, text messages will not come from 925-655-0195. Only phone calls will display this number. Text messages will come from a 5-digit short code that may be different each time. Example: 284-62
The New Caller ID is a non-working number of the Community Warning System and is only used to send alerts. If you have questions about the alert please call the number provided in the alert. If there is no call back number please visit our website at and all alerts will be displayed on the main page.